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November 23rd, 2016

08:03 pm
Name: Courtney
Status: In a relationship
Age: 33
Location: northern Virginia, near DC
Children: one 9 month old boy
Sahm/wohm/wahm: I work full time in the hotel industry.
Hobbies: concerts, movies, travel, photography, cooking, reading, going out with friends, blogging, shopping, etc.
More about me: I dont know if this place is even active now but I am looking to add new friends, especially anyone who has kids around the same age as my son. I have been on LJ since for close to 14 years, I have made some great friends through this site. I typically update 1-3 times a week and comment when I can. I mostly write about daily life, work occasionally, post a lot of photos, and document life with my little boy. I will not put up with drama or people who complain constantly.

Some other things that I enjoy: cats, art, aquariums, the beach, Matryoshka dolls, cheese, thunderstorms, American Horror Story, candles, thrift stores/yard sales/flea markets, and Sanrio/kawaii.

If you are interested in being friends let me know!

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October 30th, 2016

09:18 pm - Meeting Mom Friends
Hello all! Looking to connect with other moms as I learn how to be a mother.

Name: Laura
Status: Married for 1.75 years
Age: 32
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Children: 1 girl, 10 months
Sahm/wohm/wahm: WAHM in the aerospace industry
Hobbies: Vegging on the couch watching things, exploring areas, reading when I get a chance, writing, photography, would love to get back into scrapbooking and jewelry making someday, yoga, pole fitness, ice skating, swimming
More about me: Check out my profile and add me if you'd like.

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June 15th, 2016

06:51 pm - Hello moms!
Name: Ayana.
Status: Relationship.
Age: 32.
Location: The Netherlands.
Children: 1 son, age 1.
Sahm/wohm/wahm: Sahm.
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, photography, photoshop, TV/Netflix, playing with my pets.
More about me: I live with my boyfriend of 3 years, our son, a dog and 2 kittens in The Netherlands, they are all that I need in this world. I'm a kind, sweet person, introverted and deal with depression and anxiety disorder that pops up from time to time (I don't write about it all the time, writing about it depresses me). We will be moving to a bigger house soon and I'm excited about this new start in life with my little family.

You're welcome to add me!

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November 27th, 2015

10:28 pm - Introduction

I am a newbie to LiveJournal...

I hope my entry isn't too much of a downer compared to others entries here.

Anyway trying to find myself again through writing and expression. I feel like I have lost myself a bit in the current of day to day life. Hoping to talk to other mums online who are going through similar things to me and even if they aren't happy to talk about anything relating to being a mum.

So a quick bit about me:

I am a 36 years of age Aussie single mum of two girls aged 17 and 12 who are no longer babies and becoming more and more self sufficient. I know my children will always need my advice, a warm motherly hug or even one of my famous hot chocolates ;) but now my youngest is getting ready to head to high school and it's hard for me to watch her grow up. I have to let go a little bit all the time and each time it breaks my heart. But I have to let go it's what parents do...

Anyway don't want to get too emotional on my intro post but that is one of the main reasons I'm here. I am excited to start a journal and see where the wind takes me so to speak.

Looking forward to hopefully chatting to some of you soon.

HummingBird x

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October 9th, 2015

03:12 pm - Minnesota Nice
Hey y'all, I am Stacy. I'm a mom of three boys under five years old. I'm married 6 years to my husband. We live in Minnesota.

I'm interested in lots of gaming things, reading, mostly romance or young adult or fantasy books. I like to read some manga, and i watch some anime. Mostly really girly stuff like sailor moon or fruits basket.

I enjoy writing. And horseback riding. I also enjoy making costumes and going to renaissance festival. I used to dream of being born in a different time period.

I write in livejournal at least once a week. And try to comment on everyone's journals when I think I have something to add to the conversation and to let you know that I'm reading.

I constantly am reading my friends list so I don't fall behind. I love watching YouTube videos too.

I lean politically left but don't post hardly ever about politics though if you do and have opposing views, we may not mesh well.

If you think we might be a good match please comment here and we can add each other! I look forward to making some new friends.

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October 1st, 2015

08:46 pm
Name: Amber
Status: Taken and going through a divorce
Age: 29
Location: Casselberry, FL (outskirts of Orlando)
Children: Oliver 7, Leilah 6, Lennon 4, and am 5 months pregnant with a baby girl
Sahm/wohm/wahm: SAHM
Hobbies: Reading, playing The Sims 3 & 4, cooking, baking
More about me: I am originally from Houston, TX and moved to Florida almost a year ago. I left my husband and have been going through the divorce process for far too long. My mother was released from prison a little over a year ago, so I talk about that at times. It's been a rollercoaster since she's been out. My children are from my previous marriage and currently live in Texas with their father. This makes me incredibly sad but I hope that they will be with me one day. My boyfriend and I are expecting a little girl next February! I had a miscarriage 6 months ago, so this has been a rollercoaster as well. I was attending Aveda for cosmetology but my heart just wasn't in it, unfortunately. A while back, I had started studying to become a breastfeeding counselor, and decided to pursue that. Breastfeeding is something I am passionate about, so that does come up in my entries, but I'm not one to judge. If you FF, so be it. I love Stephen King and any other horror author! Some of my favorite TV shows are True Blood, Dexter, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, a lot of Food Network shows, Big Brother. What else? I'm mainly just trying to figure my new life out and make new friends a long the way. I've been absent from LJ because it's been so dead lately but I'm hoping that'll change!

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August 20th, 2015

04:57 pm - New Mommy-to-be!
Name: Renee
Status: Single :)
Age: 26
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Children: One on the way, a boy! Due October 29, 2015
Sahm/wohm/wahm: SAHM
Hobbies: Reading, crocheting, video games (PS3, WoW), Netflix, sleep.. for now, only because Im still pregnant :)
More about me: Im recently single, living alone, soon with my bff Amanda.
I have a cat, 9 years old named Maggie.
I have degenerative disc disease in my back & arthritis in both of my knees.
I love to crochet, am about to start crocheting a baby blanket for my son :)
I love hockey, GO HABS GO!
Im easy to get along with, am just looking for other Mommys to get to know! :)

I have ultrasound photos and what not, just dont remember how to post pictures and whatnot on here anymore because I was on livejournal years ago, but deleted and things seem to have changed!

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July 1st, 2015

03:56 am - About Me
Name: Alice
Status: Divorced
Age: 29 (30 later this month)
Location: East Texas
Children: 1 Girl age 7
Sahm/wohm/wahm: WOHM
Hobbies: Writing, photography, jewelry making, yoga, belly dancing, painting...
More about me: I'm in grad school (English) while I work full time teaching high school.  I'm a writer and a dreamer. Doing the single mom thing.  I'm a geek. A big fan of Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Witches of Eastend, Outlander, Gilmore Girls, Sailor Moon, etc. I'm a big scifi and fantasy fan. Love reading.  I'm more spiritual then religious. My daughter is 7 and the light of my world. We're on good terms with her father- no drama there.

I'm coming back to livejournal after a long break and would love to add some new friends :)  Comment if you want to add me and I'll add you too.

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June 11th, 2015

10:05 pm - Hello :)
Status: Awesome? Oh am I married? Soon to be divorced thank you! And happy about it!
Age: 38 (Did I just admit that in public?)
Location: Tasmania, Australia
Children:5 daughters ranging from 13 to 4.
Sahm/wohm/wahm: None of these? I am a full time University Sociology student
Hobbies: Reading, writing, photography, baking things so I can eat my feelings, reading race novels about werewolves and vampires (and sometimes aliens) and crochet.
More about me: Single parent to five girls. Happily getting divorced as soon as the year mark has passed. Open minded, friendly. I've had this journal since 2002, getting back into journaling because my psych says I need an outlet and I used to love writing on here. Busy, scatterbrained and friendly.

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June 10th, 2015

07:48 am
Name: Kari
Status: Married for 14 years
Age: 41 years of awesome
Sahm mostly but work at a boarding kennel part time.

Hobbies: I love meeting new people, I like spending time with my family, reading anything I can get my hands on that intrigues me, camping, traveling, dogs but esp. cats, chickens, ducks, walking, music. I'm pretty lame in the hobbies department to be honest, I just do what I want when I feel the urge. Oh yes I love fishing but not keeping them, just catching them.

I had my journal for years but last year I started a TNR rescue for cats and my time became non existent doing that. It has been a year since I left and I decided to come back because I met many wonderful friends here. It is a good venting place that is safe also, I can't risk doing venting on FB, to many lurkers. I am not a in depth person, I love my family and animals. We have a small farm with a horse, chickens, ducks, cats and dogs and I love my simple life. I like to get to know my friends so I do comment often. If you think we would mesh as friends on here feel free to pop on and say hi!

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