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July 7th, 2019

01:01 am
I am looking to add some more mom friends.
My name is Courtney, I am 36, and I live in northern VA where I am from. I am a single mom to a 3 year old boy. 
I enjoy the beach, travel, art, photography, cats, going to hard rock/metal concerts, thrift stores and flea markets, and cooking.  I also enjoy reading and to watch movies/have a few shows that I like to watch but I dont have time to.

I have had my journal since 2002, I have met a lot of great people on here.  I am not as active as I used to be but I am trying to update more.  This is one reason why I am looking to meet new people.  I like to keep my friends list small, I think that half of my list is not active though.

I typically write about daily life with my son, work, my attempts at dating, and I like to post photos when I can.

If anyone is interested in adding me let me know, thanks!

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May 25th, 2018

12:02 am - This is me
Status: Married
Age: 24
Location: Uk
Children: 5 month old little boy
Sahm/wohm/wahm: wohm. I work full time for a big a big discount retailer.
Hobbies: reading, I play a few PS4 games, adult coloring books, watching marvel movies or criminal dramas.
More about me:
I have anxiety. I find it kinda hard to make friends so this is a massive step for me. My little boy is my entire world and I need some friends that understand that. Some Mum friends :)

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April 26th, 2018

01:06 pm

Good afternoon, Ladies! 

Name: Kristy 

Status: Married, 22 years in May 

Age: 40 

Location: Southern part of Alabama. (USA, obviously) 

Children: Two boys aged 19 and 7. 

Sahm/wohm/wahm: WAHM. I’m a freelance writer and author of several books that I won’t try to sell you. I do sometimes give ebooks away to my friends though. I swear I am not trying to buy your friendship. LOL

Hobbies: I sew, knit, and crochet. So, I'm a bit of a crafter. :) I love to take photographs and bake things I shouldn't even be eating. We love gardening and are currently in spring planting mode. Writing, of course. Along with writing them, I like to read books as well. I am trying to make more time for reading, but it is hard with all I have going on.

I also am a gamer, both video, and board games. I have played World of Warcraft since the year after it came out, and I probably will continue to play it until they stop making it. Current games that I am playing other than WoW: Zelda Breath of the Wild and Diablo III. 

More about me: 

Well, let's see. I homeschool my children for a variety of reasons. My oldest graduates high school next month! My youngest, of course, is just in first grade, so I have a long time homeschooling yet. 

We are currently renovating a family home that we inherited, or are due to inherit. My mother lives with us. She's had a variety of health issues and requires someone to help her cook and such. 

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March 11th, 2018

10:03 pm - hello!
Name: Sabrina
Status: in a relationship
Age: 31
Location: about 45 minutes away from St Louis, MO.
Children: my daughter, Skyler, is 8 and my son, Finn, is almost 4.
Sahm/wohm/wahm: currently a SAHM.
Hobbies: photography, painting (mostly on canvas but we've recently gotten into painted rocks), traveling, baking, wildlife rehabilitation, video games, everything Disney (I'm HUGE into pin trading).

More about me: Just like so many others, I've recently returned to LJ after a break and would like some more active friends here. I mostly post photos in my journal and talk about daily life things. I *do* tend to curse a lot, so if that offends you - I may not be your cup of tea (and that's alright!). I like learning about different lifestyles and tend to get along with most people. I can't wait to meet you!

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February 22nd, 2018

03:45 pm

Name: Jess
Status: Married
Age: 32
Location: NY
Children: 11 year old son and 4 angels. (also 3 furbabies if you count them!)
Sahm/wohm/wahm: SAHM
Hobbies: Reading, writing, gaming (video games and board games), traveling, all things Disney, and most of all spending time with my fam.
More about me: I've been on and off LJ since 2003 you just wouldn't know it because I change journals every so often. We're currently about to start foster parent classes and this upcoming fall we plan on starting to homeschool our son! I'm looking for some new friends on here since it seems a lot of people have been leaving LJ, sadly. HMU if you think we'd be a good match! <3

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November 28th, 2017

02:03 pm - New again. :)
Name: Jen
Status: Married for 2.5 years
Age: 36
Location: Washington State
Children: 17 month old daughter, 6 month old son
Sahm/wohm/wahm: Stay at home mom
Hobbies: reading, some gaming, crocheting when the mood strikes, I like to bake, TV addict
More about me: I've recently been diagnosed with PPD and as part of my treatment I began journaling again. I use to journal all the time for years when LJ was super popular. I think after I met my now husband is when I stopped. But it was one of my favorite things to do and I am super excited to be back to chronicle my life again. SO anyway, if I sound at all interesting to you, please feel free to add me.

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October 20th, 2017

01:51 pm - Hello
Name: Ayana
Status: Relationship & living together
Age: 34
Location: The Netherlands
Children: 1, a son
Sahm/wohm/wahm: SAHM
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, photography, web- & graphic design
More about me: I was on here before as 'blissfulbat,' only it got suspended for unknown reasons. Anyway, the three of us live in The Netherlands with a dog, Diesel (amstaff) and two cats, Mila and Loki. I'm Schizotypal, so among other things I'm socially awkward, I have an anxiety disorder and a history of agoraphobia. I'm kind, caring and stubborn. Don't know what else to tell you, but if you have questions you may always ask. You're free to add me and I'll add you in return. :)

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September 30th, 2017

04:18 pm - new freinds needed..please
im amy, divorced single mom to four. I am not the best at grammar but I try. My journal is where I post. I used to be much better bout posting but than i phones came out. I just signed for net again. We didnt have any since before my kids got out of school last year. I have all daughters. 13, 11, 5 and 6. my 5 year is special needs and my oldest is a apsie. She has high anxiety and sometimes is very upset and paces. WE have tired meds, but after tow weeks, her dad always complain and I need to remove her the meds. we have joint custody. and yeah, two to three week in, is when the meds start to work. I enjoy all kinds of music. I had a friend stay and we were always singing. very enjoyable. besides that it wasnt a good choice to have him here. I am paganism. I aim to be aware and respectful at the most to all ppl of all religious thoughts. I have had depression, and anxiety since a early age. I hate clutter but often let stuff go, because with kids out of district with schools i am always on the go. I often use lj as a sounding board, I dont usually need advice. A general I am sorry, i am here is all i really want. if i seem like your cup of tea please reply. I am 39 and soon to be 40 end of nov. than <3
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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September 14th, 2017

08:42 am - Looking for mom friends
Name: Toni
Status: Married
Age: 38
Location: South Chesterfield, VA {about 40 minutes south of Richmond}
Children: 12 year old daughter, 5 year old son
Sahm/wohm/wahm: I work full time as an assistant controller at Riverside Brick
Hobbies: Does sitting aimlessly scrolling through FB and Instagram count as a hobby? Cause that happens quite often. Also running my busy kids to their various activities during the week appears to be a hobby of mine as well. We are a pretty busy family, and always have something going on during the week and weekends. I enjoy reading, cooking, and working out. I work out at home almost every morning before anyone else is awake in my house. That is my me-time. :)

If you are interested in being friends let me know!

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September 11th, 2017

09:13 pm - Mom of Five

Name: Erin

Marital status: engaged, previously widowed

Age: 44

Location:  Washington State

Ages of children: Get ready for this! A son who is 21, 19 year old twin girls, a 16 year old girl and a 2 year old boy!

So, older mom, lots of kids but it makes for an interesting life. Very sarcastic, dry humor. I swear ALOT. I have been on LJ on and off since 2006. Long time.

Hobbies: photography and art. I like taking pretty pictures with my Canon, I love to paint and draw. I love horror movies, GOT, wine, FOOD, yoga, being a smartass, FOOD, pointless rambles, and yes FOOD.

I do talk a lot about depression, trying to lose weight ( FOOD) like ALOT of weight, anxiety, PTSD and suicide loss. Suicide hit my family in 2014 so its just what I talk about to heal. Just a heads up in case what I write triggers anyone else.

Hoping to meet others!

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