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What is an "ADD ME" community?

An add me community is one that members post introductions and re-introductions in an effort to find and add new live journal friends.

This is an add me community where moms can meet other moms on Livejournal without having to sort through a bunch of miscellaneous journals. A place where you can post a mini-bio about yourself, meet and add other moms to your friends list who have similar interests, goals, lifestyles, ages of children, location and more. Join to meet new friends, whether you are a mother who is granola, alternative, mainstream, attachment, single or married, younger or older, you will find other like minded moms here. When you join, feel free to make a post introducing yourself. Do not advertise other communities, sell stuff, advertise your business or post spam. Your posts will be deleted. All posts should stay on topic. Off topic posts will be deleted. This community is not for updating as you would your normal journal. It is for introducing yourself and re-introducing yourself to gain other mom friends.


  • No foul language

  • Put ALL graphics and images behind a LiveJournal cut

  • Keep posts on topic with intros and re-introductions only

  • Do not advertise other communities

  • Respect your fellow community members

  • Do not disable or screen comments

  • Have fun and meet new friends

Feel free to use this introduction example when making your posts:

More about me:

This is NOT a parenting community to post parenting questions, updates about your day, etc. If that is what you are looking for, you can look at these
parenting communities.

Send any questions/concerns to: pamoola@gmail.com
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